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Renowned International Scholar's Bio

Isabel Crook




       Isabel Crook (1915) is a very well-known Canadian Communist anthropologist and social activist. . She pioneered the teaching of English in New China.


        Ten Mile Inn: Revolution in a Chinese Village (1959) (with David Crook)

        The First Years of Yangyi Commune (1966)   (with David Crook)

        Ten Mile Inn: Mass Movement in a Chinese Village (1979) (with David Crook)

        Xing Long Chang (2013)  (with Yu Xiji)

Teaching Experience


        Lecturer at Nanhaishan Foreign Affairs School, China


        Lecturer at Beijing Foreign Studies University, China


        Advisor at Beijing Foreign Studies University, China



Pat Adler




        Pat Adler is an experienced professor. She taught English at BFSU for many years. She focuses especially on English education in China, devising teaching materials and publishingbooks on teaching English to Chinese. She also provides proofreading expertise and invaluable expert advice.


        Modern Children’s English Textbook 

        Words That Are Easily Used Wrong

Working experience


       Professor, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China


Li Sha ( Elizaveta Kishkina)

       Li Sha is a well-known Russian-Chinese educator and  Proletarian revolutionary figure. Her academic activity focuses on Russian vocabulary, language development and rhetoric.


     Works of Mao Zedong(Russian version)

     Works of Zhou Enlai (Russian version)

Teaching Experience


    Lecturer, Harbin Russian Academy, China


    Professor, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China


Wolfgang Kubin




        Wolfgang Kubin is a poet, writer, theologian, philosopher and one of the most famous sinologists in Germany. He has reached high achievements in Chinese literature, history and philosophy, as well as in classical Western languages. His sinological works, both in Chinese and in German, earned him high prestige in German academia.

Publication (Selected)

        Das große Lernen. Maß und Mitte. Der Klassiker der Pietät, u. komm., Freiburg im Breisgau: Herder, 2014.

        Das Gleichgewicht der UnruheDie frühen Gedichte. Deutsch und Chinesisch, ins Chinesische übers. von Hai Ruo, Schiedlberg, Austria: Bacopa Verlag, 2015.Orientierungen. Zeitschrift zur Kultur Asiens:edition global,2014.

        minima sinica. Zeitschrift zum chinesischen Geist:edition global,2014.

        In fernen Landen: Gedichte, Großheirath: Ostasien Verlag, 2014.

        Xun Zi. Die Bildung des Menschen, Freiburg im Breisgau: Herder, 2015.

        Zur Logik der Dinge unter den Bergen von Swatow“, „Polizeiliche Liebe“, in: Akzente, Heft 5/Oktober 2014, S. 439‒444

Teaching Experience


        Professor, Free University of Berlin, Germany


        Professor, University of Bonn, Germany


        Professor, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China



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