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About Foreign Expert Division

Since its establishment in 1941, Beijing Foreign Studies University has employed foreign experts to teach in its schools. Along the years, BFSU has employed more than 3300 foreign scholars from 61 countries. International academics such as Pat Adler, Isabel Crook, Li Sha (Elizaveta Kishkina) and Wolfgang Kubin contributed greatly to scientific research, personnel training and course design as the university evolved through the years. Such experts are an important component of the university’s teaching staff. Their efforts facilitate BFSU’s active participation in international events and enhance its status as a top foreign language university in China and abroad.

BFSU is constantly striving to avail itself of top quality foreign expert staff through recruitment, institutional collaboration and consultancy. The university invites foreign experts to China for short-term collaboration, and welcomes both active and retired foreign experts who are willing to come to China to learn about Chinese culture and to help in China’s economic development. In recent years, BFSU has hired more than 150 foreign experts each year. These experts come from more than 40 countries worldwide and work in the university’s various schools.   

The remit of the Foreign Experts Division includes:

1. The recruitment of foreign experts

2. The selection of foreign experts for important national projects.

3. Administrative issues concerning foreign experts

4. Foreign experts’ cultural and political activities in China

5. The creation of media awareness on work carried out by foreign experts at BFSU

6. The collection of feedback provided by foreign experts

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