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Whatever your passion, with more than 100 affiliated clubs and associations on offer, BFSU is sure to have something just right for you. Learn new skills, make new business contacts, or just hang out with like-minded people. Two big associations at BFSU are SICA and Department of International Communication.




SICA- Students’ International Communication Association



The Students’ International Communication Association of Beijing Foreign Studies University is a student organization in charge of organizing activities for international students. Hao Ping, the Vice Minister at the Ministry of Education and BFSU former President, established SICA at BFSU according to his past experience of organizing SICA at Peking University. Now, SICA has become an invaluable supporting institution for BFSU’s reception and communication structures for foreign students.

In communication we trust. We encourage students to participate in various international exchange activities, in order to improve their intercultural communication skills.. We help create a strong international atmosphere on campus by organizing various activities. Playing an active part in the reception of foreign visitors at all levels, the Chinese students broaden their international vision. Unite the world, and enjoy campus life.




The Culture of SICA

Macro level: SICA promotes the internationalization of Beijing Foreign Studies University’s campus environment. It is also intended to broaden the students' international vision, to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and to strive to give a good image of our university’s students. Its role is also to contribute positively to the reception of foreign visitors.

Micro level: SICA provides its members with an opportunity to express their talents, to achieve personal development and to give their personal contribution for the benefit of everybody’s university experience..

Motto: Solidarity Initiative Commitment Achievement

Mission: promote sincere communication, connect the world, encourage youth interaction



Main Events involving SICA

1.Spring of Beijing

Spring of Beijing, the teaching institute for college students of Taiwan in BFSU, was established in 2003. It aims to create a communication platform between students from Taiwan and from the mainland, and to promote cultural interaction between the two sides.

By the end of March in 2015, 99 college students from 10 universities in Taiwan, such as Shih Chien University, arrived at BFSU to follow the institute’s teaching activities. SICA×BFSU, as the contractor, was entrusted with the preparation of a Spring of Beijing handbook for the students and teachers from Taiwan, but also with the recruitment of all the learning partners from BFSU for the visitors. They worked together, lived together and played together, thus developing a deep and long-lasting friendship.

2.SICA Night

SICA Night is one of the most important activities on campus, and is hosted by SICA each year. SICA Night is an evening party for both foreign and Chinese students. Most of the shows are performed by foreign students, so it is an opportunity for them to share their different culture and develop friendships through the whole process. What the stage promotes is enthusiasm and friendship, rather than national differences.






D.I.C Department of International Communication



The Department of International Communication, namely D.I.C, is one of the ten departments of the BFSU Students’ Union. What makes it different is that D.I.C. can provide students with an international platform, on which both Chinese and foreign students can interact.

In recent years, the events held by D.I.C. have included the Halloween party, Christmas Postcards-delivering and the Fun Run. These events present the most significant feature of BFSU—the interaction between students from diversified ethnic groups and social classes. What is more, they also add color to the campus and make it thrive with different cultures and ideas.

The Department of International Communication is undoubtedly one of the most impressive student groups at BFSU, and it is the first step for students to mingle with others in an international setting.


Fun Run

Fun Run is a campus fitness activity organized by the Department of International Communication of Beijing Foreign Studies University. Each level includes popular games. Colored corn flour is thrown on the students’ white t-shirts provided for the activity; gifts are also handed out at the end. A total of more than 400 students normally participate in this activity. The success of the Fun Run not only encourages students to use their spare time to participate in sports activities, but also to strengthen links between students from the various departments.




Halloween Party

In October 31, 2014, D.I.C. held a Halloween party which involved directly both Chinese and international students. This wonderful party included activities such as singing and a magic show. The party lasted for about 3 hours, giving students coming from all over the world a chance to get to know each other. This event became a yearly appointment and is very popular among students.

Christmas Day

Among the new events organized by the students, one must mention those held on Christmas Day. Some enthusiastic volunteers dressed up like Santa Claus and offered presents to students, sharing hugs and singing good tidings. Christmas cards and pretty reindeer-shaped mailboxes were placed all over the campus. Christmas songs echoed through the air. This heart-warming activity relieved students’ stress during the exam week


Students attending the Halloween party

A students’ band giving their performance during the Halloween party





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