北京外国语大学—意大利都灵大学伊拉斯谟+双学位项目申请通知 Erasmus+ partner countries double degree program: Beijing Foreign Studies University – University of Torino CALL FOR APPLICATIONS

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1. 项目介绍


学生将学习该系及都灵大学TO China中心定义的国际科学大纲下的课程。





  • 由意大利法律承认的都灵大学国际关系硕士学位
  • 26个中国学分(等同于51个意大利学分),该学分由北外承认。


2. 申请资格




3. 申请程序

















4. 选拔条件



5. 奖学金







6. 学生归国后的责任











10 master students from BFSU will receive a scholarship to take part in the

double degree program with the masters in International Relations at the University of Torino,

which will be held in Torino, Italy, from September 2018 to July 2019.


1. Program profile


This scheme offers a unique opportunity to experiment real life in Italy by spending one full academic year in Torino as a full-time student enrolled in one of the most prestigious universities in Italy, studying at the Master course in International relations (Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Internazionali) hosted by the Department of Culture, Politics & Society of the University of Torino.


Students will attend courses offered within the curriculum of Scienze Internazionali defined by the Department in accordance with the TOChina Centre of the University of Torino.


The Erasmus+ Partner Countries funding will provide scholarships for 10 selected students each academic year during their stay in Italy. The duration of the mobility period for each academic year is 10 months and the mobility period this year shall start by September 2018. 


Selected students are not required to write a thesis at the University of Torino but will be required to discuss their thesis for the Chinese master degree in a joint panel of BFSU and UNITO professors in Beijing. The joint thesis must be written in English.


Upon full attendance of the program, participants are awarded: 

–a Master’s Degree in International Relations (Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Internazionali) recognized by Italian law;

–26 Chinese credits (51 Italian cfu) for their curriculum at BFSU.


2. Who can apply


This program is open exclusively to students currently enrolled in the master programs of the School of International Relations (SIRD) and the International Business School (IBS) at the Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Selected students may join the program provided they have earned a minimum of 21 Chinese credits in their current master program by the end of July 2018. Failure to meet this condition will result in the scholarship being revoked.


3. Application process


Applications are accepted starting on April 20th 2018 through to May 10th 2018.


Applications must include:

–an up-to-date curriculum vitae in English;

–a cover letter in English, between 500 and 600 words, stating the reasons for applying to the program;

–a full academic transcript in English indicating the exams taken during the current Master degree;

–a copy of the highest diploma in English, indicating exams and relevant grades, the type and final grade of Bachelor’s Degree;

–a copy of passport.


Applicants are encouraged to attach any document they deem relevant for their application, especially language certificates and evidence of relevant work experience for the program.


All documents must be submitted:


via email to Ms. Du Shuling: dushuling@bfsu.edu.cn

Candidates failing to send all documents by the aforementioned deadline will not be        considered for the selection. Incomplete applications will not be processed.


4. Selection criteria


Students are reminded that competition for securing a place in this program can be fierce. The selection committee, composed of staff from the Beijing Foreign Studies University, will consider the following factors in making their decision: academic transcript, personal CV, proficiency in English, individual potential.


5. Scholarships


Scholarships are available for ten students taking part in this program within the funding of the Erasmus Plus Partner Countries program.

All selected students for the program are provided with free tuition at the University of Torino.

The financial support from Erasmus+ EU funds for the mobility period is about EUR 850,00 per month for 10 months. In addition, the participant shall receive about 1.100,00 EUR as a contribution for travel (the subsidies may subject to change according to every year policy of the European Union).


Participants are required to pay for other expenses, including visa, personal insurance and meals.


6. Candidates’ responsibilities upon their return to China


By September 30th 2019, all mobile students will be required to submit a final report. Students will receive the survey by email one month before the end of their mobility period, and submission of the report will trigger the payment of the final grant installment to the participant.

As mentioned above, a further complementary survey specifically on recognition will be sent to the student after the mobility period to assess the quality of the recognition provided. 



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